Milena Martínez Pedrosa


Artist’s statement 2020.

My artwork is my personal journey, is my way to deal with the urge to show the world thru my eyes, it explores individuality and the humanity of it. As a Cuban-American, Immigrant for 23 years I am inspired by my identity, our identity as individuals and as a group and the way we react to the events that impact us.

In some of my pieces I combine the academic tradition of oil on canvas with other techniques like collage, sculpture or installation. As an artist I do not pretend to tie myself to a specific medium or style, I believe that aesthetics alone should not guide me, not influence my core ideas and central messages.

My topics can go from social, communal and political-related to a more intimate and existential. My work often employs cynicism and irony in a search for those paradoxes which carry a denunciatory message, implicit conflict of tension and power. Even though my tools are visual, as important as the creation of the image is the selection of the titles for my work, allowing me to strengthen an image with further levels of interpretation. I approach art making as a storyteller looking to interact and communicate through the alternative language that art is. The presence of the human body in my work reveals a fascination for the corporal expression and the tattoos not only as an intervention and an appropriation of the body we got but as a personal “canvas” for us to express without censorship. I also consider tattoos a marks of the past in our bodies, scars that ends up modifying the projection of ourselves.

My latest work originates from my interest in how museums, mostly historic, do the curatorial references. How they create a narrative about an artifact. It fascinates me how they create that symbiosis. As I found very rich those conceptual possibilities I decided to incorporate them to my own visual language and contextualize the artifact encased inside the display but not with a text but by adding another object. Instead of decoding the real object, I choose to expand the lecture by not translating it.
Creating an opening to the unusual and a certainly uncontrolled interpretation. My art and its content strive to open a discussion, engaging the public and asking them to incorporate their own level of interpretation. My pieces open up to the spectator and that participatory alliance closes the cycle and defies my objective. Nothing inspires me more than to provoke the public to express itself: that completes my work as nothing else can.

MMP, 2020.