“The lowest level”- 2015

“Del suelo no pasa”

At this time these pieces are studies for the actual project. The studies consisting on portraits cutouts of oil on canvas over cardboard, inserted on a mosaic made of 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ tiles, printed, laminated and also cut out. The portraits are inserted on the cut out tiles and sealed using tile grout.

The actual project will be a series of wood structure installations covered on cuban tiles with the oil portraits inserted using tile grout (tiles of 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ tentative size).

As an artist I find the inspiration on my Cuban identity and the Cuban culture, in this case the architectural feature that are the iconographically famous “Cuban tiles”. Every portrait will capture an individuality and it will be also carried through the mosaic it which it is trapped.

The series comments on the positioning of the cuban population hitting rock bottom, the position on which we have stablished & camouflaged our selfs. The place we’ve choose to be represented and from which we manifest, distracted not noticing how deeply low we have sinked, ending as part of the ground over which, as always everything happens.

Amparo del Suelo no Pasa
Refugio del Suelo no Pasa
Asuncion del Suelo no Pasa
Mercedes del Suelo no Pasa
Modesto del Suelo no Pasa
Maximo del Suelo no Pasa
Custodio del Suelo no Pasa
Candido del Suelo no Pasa
Esperanza del Suelo no Pasa