“Costumbrista”- 2000

The “Costumbrista” serie is a collection of oil on canvas (as per this traditional and almost extinct movement) where also incorporating the naive style but this time under a “costumbris-tic”? interpretation, as way to expose without analyzing the exuberance of the contemporary vernacular. Is in the everyday city, trivial and simple where common attitudes open the door to social concerns.

In this series I am the insider, a social chronicler using humor, satire and the joke as the natural cuban response in the face of difficulties; the same humor that lightens real life to cope with what can be a more than serious, an extremely dysfunctional reality.

In this collection I let go of academic prejudices and venture inside the most intimate folkloric jungle, and it is inside that I noticed a sense of belonging; (which includes all of us, who imbued in the intellectual world didn’t acknowledged it); something I confirmed every time I showed this collection, where the audience not only recognized countless characters from their own life, but themselves.