Milena’s “Cosa Nostra” (Our thing)

Milena’s characters belongs to our everyday life, overpopulated streets, buildings bursting with people, man, woman, kids, elderly sweating copiously while waiting for something: a bus maybe, in “Lo último que se pierde es la experanza” (Hope is the last thing to lose); dreams vanishing through the fumes of a smoking, anxious and tired collectivity in “Soñar no cuesta nada” (Dreams are for free): the spirits consciousness? invisibly levitating over a family trying to project a loving and harmonious image, being the controversial and contradictory reality in “Después de la risa viene el llanto” (After the laugh, comes the cry)… a dense, sleepy and overwhelmed that contrary to what is expected, make us smile once again from canvas to canvas while we search every corner and find and loose ourselves, when suddenly painting and spectator converge in a same thing, “Our thing”

Commentary words of Lic. Lázara Castellanos, on the occasion of the solo exhibition:  “Cosa Nuestra” (Our thing) , Juan David Gallery, Havana, 1994

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